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  • Between Signs To You and * (Interested Party) this must be an individual's name, NOT a company name In consideration of Signs To You and any subsidiaries including NeighbourSaver, NeighbourSavers, Area Home Services entering into discussions relating to the possible acquisition of an area Franchise business(es) presented to me by Signs To You and specifically AreaHomeServices Franchise offer. I/We hereby agree and undertake as follows: (a) To treat as totally confidential the identity of the business (es) disclosed to me and any and all details as to its operation or financial accounts; (b) Not to disclose the identity or any details of the operation or financial accounts to any third party (except my accountant or legal advisor who shall agree to respect this requirement for confidentiality) (c) That all information is received for no other purpose than the evaluation of the investment potential of the business; (d) If I decide not to proceed with the investment, I agree to immediately return to SignsToYou all written information supplied by it and retain no copies and to delete any electronic records including all emails and attachments relating to the business(es); Acceptance by Electronic Mail: Execution of this Agreement and transmission between the parties by electronic signature and email response each to the other or their representative will constitute offer and acceptance of the Non Disclosure agreement and satisfy the requirements of Section 5 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.



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