Community Hand-up Offer

WHAT As part of our community hand-up offer, we occasionally make available a specific service.
The business service you will offer relates to contact-less provisions, currently being used across the globe – see here

WHEN – You can contact business (area) via email so you are not restricted to any specific business hours.

WHERE – If you are accepted (ie the community offer — waive of fees to start-up your area) You will be allocated an area to trade within. Due to the nature of the business, you are not restricted to your physical location

HOW – For every business that takes up your offer, you will receive a $40 return. This $40 return is paid monthly per business.
(there are no contracts involved, each business pre-pays monthly to use the system – you in turn receive a monthly $40 payment)

OUTLAY – OCTOBER 2021, if you are accepted there is no $ outlay for this offer (you will need your own internet and online etc access)

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