What – sales and services within a given territory
Where – a territory is Postcode driven and will be defined

Q – What sales, marketing or business experience do I need?

  • If you have a willingness to learn
  • Are willing to meet folks face to face
  • Are Self Driven
  • Have online access
  • Can work to a system
  • Enjoy your local community

You can become very successful regardless of your background


Q – What costs are involved in purchasing a Local Franchise?

  • $9000 + GST per territory – ** Refer Community Hand Up Offer when you enquire
  • $0 (ZERO) for training
  • Low monthly franchise and territory fee (aprox $2000 combined *territory dependant) setup grace period

Q – Will you provide finance?

  • If you qualify we will provide finance.

Q – What income per territory?

  • This is totally dependent on your input regardless of Territory area. (easy to recoup Franchise purchase within the first quarter)
  • Numerous options for add-on modules – upsells (Residual)
  • Numerous options for cross promotions


Q – How do I know where my boundaries are?

  • A – Your territory is Postcode driven and clearly assess able

Q – What about territory crossover between clients and users?

  • A – The system is setup for this and it works to your benefit not detriment

Q – Do I need to reside in my territory?

  • It helps 🙂

Q – What if my territory is already gone?

  • We are flexible and can work with you to deliver the best outcome for everybody
    (sometimes this is a solution, sometimes it is not practical)


Q – What sort of training is involved?

  • Online access to walk through easy modules
  • Initial bi-weekly consults
  • You have access to the franchise team at anytime


Q – What resources do I receive to allow me to operate?

  • You will receive Cloud based systems to operate your territory.
  • You receive all required physical items delivered to your door


Q – What income will I receive?

  • Potential income is linked to territory and the number of services you have in operation within your territory
  • Return is scaled dependent on what service code allocation is signed up.
  • 70 x p-businesses across 4 base service codes – returns you aprox $11 000 per month.
  • Extra business and sup service codes will provide a higher ongoing return.
  • Sell in once, returns continue for the life of the p-business connection.