Agreement between

  • Between Signs To You and * (Interested Party) this must be an individual's name, NOT a company name In consideration of Signs To You and any subsidiaries including NeighbourSaver, NeighbourSavers, Area Home Services the following information forms the Franchise agreement between the parties in relation to the specific territory or territories as listed herein. In relating to an area Franchise business(es) presented to me by Signs To You and specifically AreaHomeServices - NeighbourSavers Franchise offer. I/We acknowledge by paying the $1 fee when the form is completed I/We have confirmed our legal intent to this agreement. The basis of the following understandings and agreements as follows:
  • The Franchisor has developed methods for establishing, operating and promoting businesses engaged in the business of Lead Generation using the service mark and related trade names and trademarks ("Marks") and the Franchisor's proprietary methods of doing business (the "Licensed Methods"). The Franchisor grants the right to others to operate a Signs To You (areahomeservices/ NeighbourSaver/s) franchise, under the Marks and pursuant to the Licensed Methods

Agreement between

  • The Franchisor grants to the Franchisee, and the Franchisee accepts from the Franchisor, the right to use the Marks and Licensed Methods in connection with the establishment and operation of a "Signs To You" franchise, in the territory the location described in Article 3 of this Agreement. The Franchisee agrees to use the Marks and Licensed Methods, as they may be changed, improved, and further developed by the Franchisor from time to time, only in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Securing number


1st Territory


2nd Territory


3rd Territory


4th Territory


Territory income

  • Territory income is paid

  • I acknowledge that I receive

  • I acknowledge that

  • I acknowledge support options


Territory Fee


Territory Outgoings

  • FAIR USE - up to 700 leads per month (premium may be charged/on-charged to territory for more than 700 leads per month)

  • Territory Monthly fee - used within given territory or combined territory area


Process Territory Agreement

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