What is required

Local community lead and bookings franchise
The good news is:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Personable appearance
  • The ability to meet and greet (note: some franchisees never do face-to-face)
  • Online access

A two fold system

  1. Depending on your territory, your base business/service locals number 50+
    this is a no pressuer sell with a hands off option if you prefer
    Provides a tiered residual return depending on the business/service
    High fee/Low turnover – Low fee/High turnover
  2. Generally speaking:
    You provide an offer card and or app to the local community.
    You make contact and or meet and provide a free pack to a niche market once a month
    friendly resistance proof offer with opportunity for cross & up-sells here

Even if you are home-bound, cannot work “normal” hours, never sold anything, never owned or run a business.
Not dealt with High fee/Low turnover Low fee/High turnover.
But would love to give it a go.
Feel free to make an inquiry or application.

Some folks get-it and some folks don’t – you can simply move on to those that do – that is the way of the world.


Do we sell you an operating manual – NO
Do we leave you on your own – NO
Do you pay for every Free pack – NO
Do you have any outlay for Capital Equipment – NO
Do you need to advertise – Minimal, local area focus

Like any business, you do pay for your own business costs and day to day running:
Fuel, Phone, Vehicle, Accounting etc

So if you would like to gain residual income (do the work once get paid ongoing) enquire today