Cockburn Territory

The territory of Cockburn WA covers 4 postcodes:

Leeming 6149
Bibra Lake 6163
Coolbellup 6163
Hamilton Hill 6163
North Coogee 6163
North Lake 6163
Spearwood 6163
Atwell 6164
Aubin Grove 6164
Banjup 6164
Beeliar 6164
Cockburn Central 6164
Hammond Park 6164
Jandakot 6164
South Lake 6164
Success 6164
Yangebup 6164
Coogee 6166
Henderson 6166
Munster 6166
Wattleup 6166


Your income is generated via a monthly payment returned by business that list with your territory who work or provide services within the postcode boundaries.
The listing must service some of the postcodes in the area.
You may list more than one business to cover all residential postcodes within a territory, but only if the listing does not service all territory postcodes.
ie: Plumber services postcode 1234 only – however your territory covers 1234, 1235, 1236 – you may list another plumber or plumbers to ensure all postcodes within your territory are serviced.
The system is postcode driven so
listing 1 – would receive all leads from 1234
listing 1a – would receive all leads from 1235 & 1236

Process info may be found here – FranchGoLive is the required input.